Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mustache Trimmer OR Mechanical Seam Ripper

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                                   Seam Ripping with a Mustache Trimmer (for real)

You really can use a mustache trimmer to rip seams.  And it is awesome!  

All you need is a regular seam ripper to get the seam started (you can do it without one but it is much faster to tear out 3 stitches with a small seam ripper first), and then slip in the mustache trimmer!

I have the one above, click on the picture and it will take you to an Amazon page where you can buy this one.  I like it because it has this flat edge,

       making it easy to slip in between the seams and against the fabric.  Some smaller ones are nice too, but    
               most smaller ones are battery operated or over $30.  I like to keep mine around $10 or less and 
                                            rechargeable so that I don't have to keep replacing the batteries.

Here is a seam I needed to take out and I have it started.   The great thing about the mustache trimmer too is that if you slip while ripping you will not tear through the fabric!  
Now here is a video of how I use the mustache trimmer to take out the seam.

I promised some twitter friends that I would post this for one of my Tailoring Thursdays.  That was months ago, so I hope they forgive me and enjoy this post! :) 


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