Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scrappy Glasses Case Tutorial

Isn't this fabulous?  I love it!  And it is nothing but a bunch of scraps! I pulled them out of my scrap tub and pieced together a square.  
Lined the inside with minky for a scratch free case!  And it even cleans your glasses a little every time you slide them in and out! :)  
I think I am going to need a few more...for gifts or my car or every. room. of. the. house! ;) Want one of your own?  Here's how! 

  • Enough Scraps to piece together a 7 1/2"  square
  • 7 1/2" square of minky or soft fleece
  • 11" piece of 2" wide double fold bias fabric strip
  • 5" piece of ribbon
  • 7" square of pellon peltex or other very stiff fusible interfacing
  • 7" square of fusible fleece


1.  Pick out your scraps and piece together as desired. 
2.  Trim down your large scrap to a 7 1/2" square. This will be the exterior. 
3.  Round off two off the edges for all of your pieces and interfacing - the rounded edges will be referred to as the bottom.  
The minky is your interior.
 It will keep your glasses clean and not scratch the lenses. 
4.  Fuse the peltex to the center of the back of the patchwork exterior.  
5.  Fuse the fleece to the center of the back of the minky.  
6.  Pin the tops of the interior and exterior with right sides together.  
7.  Stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance.  
8.  Open the seam and finger press.  
9.  Place the wrong sides of the interior and exterior together folding at the sewn seam.  Press.
10.  Fold in half again so that the rounded edges meet and the right sides of the minky face each other.  
11. Fold the ribbon in half and tuck open edges into the corner of the open seam.  
12.  Edge stitch the open raw edges together. 
13.  Take the bias binding and fold in the shorter edges 1/2" and press. 
14.  Starting at the open top stitch the binding all the way down the side, around the curved edge until you reach the folded side.  
15.  Press binding around and choose to finish the binding in your desired method.  I did it by hand. Refer to my sewing tips page for different methods on binding. 

And tada!  Hang it up -- keep it in the car or by the bed...whatever you want! It's sooo great! :)  


Kristine said...

I am pretty familiar with sewing binding on, but I have never done it on something that didn't connect to itself. I don't understand how to end the binding and not have it look weird. Can you explain further?

Goya Rosé said...


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