Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Wonder Web is Wonderful

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Wonder Web

Wonder Web by Pellon is one of my favorite notions.  I keep bolts of it around...just in case!  I love this stuff!  It's like having a fabric that doubles as glue.  It moves and wrinkles around like fabric:

It's sturdy.  After crinkling and moving it, it does not rip or wrinkle or tear. 

     Since it is thin but strong, you can sew it into items and when you are ready to glue items together, just iron!                       
                                  That's when the wonder web becomes a permanent fabric adhesive!

                                                                       Things I use it for:

  • Creating my own "fusible" interfacing.  When I need a fusible interfacing but don't have any on hand I know that I can use some wonder web and fleece.  Or if a fusible interfacing isn't fusing as strong as I would like.
  • When I need small "quilted" fabric pieces but don't have time to quilt.  Just fuse some batting to my fabric with wonder web!
  • When I don't have glue I can use wonder web instead...adhering fabric to ANYTHING I want!
  • When I want the interior and exterior of a bag to really stick together.
  • When something goes wrong and I have no time to sew a hem for a garment that will be worn infrequently (like Halloween costumes).
  • Appliquè.
  • And soooo many other uses!  I can't think to name them all right now!
    It is especially great for when you want to sew turned edge appliquè.  You can cut out your fabric and identical         
                                                                      wonder web pieces. 
   Then place wonder web on top of the right side of the fabric and edge stitch around all edges. Leaving a  
                                                                    small turning gap.
Turn right side out and finish your appliquè as normal.  So, so easy!


SoSarahSews said...

I love Wonder Under, too. But I've never seen it used like this! Wow!:)

Sharon Pernes said...

I have never seen this, but will definitely try it with appliqué, looks like it will make it very easy.

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