Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flat Felled Seams

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Flat Felled Seams

However it is my first post on specialty seams. 

Have you ever wondered how to sew a flat felled seam?  (In case you weren't sure, the inside hem of your jeans is most likely a flat felled seam.)  

Flat felled seams are a beautiful way to enclose a seam and is especially nice for garments.  Contrary to popular belief, flat felled seams can be rather easy even for a novice sewer. 

I love to use a fabric marking utensil (especially my sewlines!) for this seam method.

1.  Draw a line on the wrong side of the fabric that will be enclosed in the seam, 1/2" in from the edge.  Draw a line on the right side of the fabric that will enclose the seam, 1/2" in from the edge.

Fabric to be enclosed.
2.  With right sides together, line up the edge of the enclosed fabric with the line drawn on the enclosing fabric.  Pin in place.
3.  Sew on the line on the fabric to be enclosed.
4.  Press seam to one side.
5.  Fold enclosing fabric around the enclosed fabric and press.  
6.  Press seam to the side so that the edge of the enclosing fabric is now enclosed as well.
7.  Edge stitch along the folded edge of the enclosing fabric on top of the enclosed fabric. 
8. Press and voila!  Easier than you thought, Right? Right? 
Have fun sewing beautiful seams!

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Sharon said...

I don't have any fabulous Halloween stories, but I do remember my mom making all my costumes & my siblings' costumes as well. I've been Big Bird, the ace of spades, a Sorry board game piece, my brother was a California Raisin one year. :)
We had some fabulous costumes & I've always loved Halloween.

Thanks for the great tutorial!

Heidi said...

My two sisters and myself were the 3 blind mice for Halloween one year, costumes made by my mom. Wish I had a picture.

Thanks for all your great info you share!

gill said...

Oh dear! here in the UK we don't really celebrate Halloween!

Heather A said...

Hallowe'en was always a great time at our place. My Mom and Dad made fabulous costumes - it seems we almost always won first prize. One of the funniest costumes I remember is my little brother --- about 6 at the time ... was dressed as Superman and was loaded up with hockey pads under his tight fitting clothes so that he looked totally ripped with muscles. Hilarious!

Melody said...

It's not runny but the year my daughter was 1 we dressed her up in a yellow sweat suit with bunny ears and a make up nose. I took her around to all the neighbors and met lots of new neighbors. It was so much fun.

I used flat felled seams when sewing clothing - especially scrubs. Love your method. I always sewed the seams using the seam allowance and then cut off half of one side, folded over the other side and stitched it down, enclosing the cut side.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tut on flat felled seams...I wonder if they might be useful for bag making too. I cant think of a funny story re halloween cause we dont celebrate here, but we used to dress up all the time as children, at my grandparent's home. We would be given free reign to dress up and then came out on the stage (the living room) and put on a was always silly and highly imaginative and we would laugh till we cried and rolled on the floor in fits..adults included. We had a great time and learned to think outside the 'square' in that home.

Mindy said...

I made my little brother a dracula costume one year and did his makeup. evidently i did a pretty good job because a little girl out trick-or-treating saw him, dropped her bag, left her mom and ran all the way back home.....thankfully, she just lived around the corner :)

Mindy said...

I "like" Fat Quarter Shop on FB.

Marci Girl said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial, this is one technique I have never tried! Sorry no good Halloween stories, though I did scare the mess out of my little brother once with a Quiji (how do you spell that?) board! But I'm sure everyone has one of those stories!

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