Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Pattern and the Tie Tote Winner

I've been working on this pattern so hard to get it out just in time for Fall!
Squash Stops (I just thought that name was so clever, even if I've been made fun of for it.):
Shaped Door Stops & Pincushions!!!

The idea struck me when I watched my dad use a neck warmer pack that I made him as a door stop.  You can gasp here if you want, I did!

And here they are, the initial idea in actual form.  Sometimes the process of taking an idea and turning it into an object/pattern is a lot harder and longer than you can imagine. 
Pretty darn cute right? 
I LOVE them, seriously, all the pain and torture (including the tragic phallic looking objects that were the result of some first prototypes) was worth it, because it brought about these wonderful, whimsical, fall door stops! 
Five different squashes!  
All in one pattern & the pattern includes not just doorstops but also....
These ADORABLE pincushions!!!! 
My house feels so full of fall, I only wish Florida felt as much like fall as where I grew up in the Northeast! 
What do you think?  Am I crazy, or are they fabulously fall!? Oh and the fabric is from the Heirloom line by Joel Dewberry.  LOVE. IT.  

And now for the winners for the Tie Tote Class! 

# 6: 
Lindsay said...

I also follow your blog :)

                                                                      Carla G said...
I'm a follower of your blog via gfc! :)

Email me at Aubrey [a] Maubys.net to get your class registrations!  Happy Sewing!!!


gill said...

Congratulations Carla and Lindsay!

Marci Girl said...

Seriously, I'm not just saying this, but BEST PATTERN EVER! They look so great! You are one talented lady!

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