Friday, October 7, 2011

Pieced Coasters from Half Square Triangles

We made that pile of HST's  and now we are going to use them!
First, we will make coasters and then we will use the remaining ones in a coordinating table runner. 
  • 16 Half Square Triangles (HSTs)
  • 4, 7 1/4" Coordinating Fabric Squares
  • 4, 7 1/4" Batting Squares (Preferably Bamboo or Polyester as both are mold resistant)
1.  Take the HSTs made previously and match them up into 8, 2 x 2 square sets.  OR (if you didn't make the pile of HSTs), take your 16 HSTs and match them up into 4, 2 x 2 square sets.

2.  Sew together the top 2 squares and then sew together the bottom 2 squares.
3.  Finally, sew together the top and bottom sets.
I made 4 of my square sets in one arrangement of colors and then
made the the other set of 4 to reflect those colors.

Here are my 4 sets of squares.
4.  Place the 4 coordinating fabric squares on top of the pieced squares with right sides together.
5.  Place the batting squares on top.
6.  Sew along all four edges, leaving a 1 1/2" unsewn gap for turning. 
7.  Trim the corners to reduce bulk. 
8.  Turn coasters right side out. 
9.  Edge stitch or quilt as desired. 
Keep those other 4 Pieced HSTs for a project for next Friday. 
Come back Tuesday for a coaster holder tutorial!


Anonymous said...

My limited experience with sewing has often involved bags and heavier materials.

I'm curious about the polyester or bamboo batting. This is to give the coaster more body / stiffness? If I've got preshrunk canvas lying around, is there any reason not to use this instead?



Mauby said...

Hi Sean,

The batting is to help with shape and to give the coaster a bit more padding. I like bamboo because it is absorbent and naturally anti-bacterial. So if spills happen the coasters are not going to get ruined over time. You can just washe them and dry them over and over.

The first coaster I ever made I used polyester and they were a bit too puffy for my liking. Polyester is still a good choice because it does not allow mold growth as well. Cotton looks better like the bamboo but does NOT have the anti-mildew, anti-mold properties of the other two.

With pre-shrunk canvas you probably wouldn't need any batting to get the shape and if it is thick and sturdy you woldn't be worried about absorbency. I am weird though and would want to see both before I decided on how to make them. So, personally, I would make one with batting and one without and then decide which I liked better.

Hope this helps!


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