Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt 1 - Tutorial

I have needed a tree skirt for my tree since, well, since I bough this tree!
However, I do have a mild obsession with my tree.  It is color coordinated, right DOWN to the wrapping paper.  So the tree skirt had to coordinate as well.
Amy Butler's new Lark line had a beautiful set of blue prints.  Plus, bonus the one print looks to me like ornaments my Grandma had. Then to make it a bit more Christmas-y, I got some sweet coordinating snowflakes and a winter like print.
Now that I had chosen the prints, I needed to design a tree skirt that I would LOVE!  
And here it is:

Here is a tutorial, showing you how to make your own!

        • 1 Yard of two coordinating prints (Lark prints in mine)
        • 1/2 Yard of two more coordinating prints (Snow prints in mine)
        • 1 1/2 Yards batting or fusible fleece
        • 1 1/2 Yards backing fabric
        • Drunkard's Path Templates:


1. Decide what print from the 1/2 yard sets that you want to be in the center and what print you want to be near the outside:  From the Top Of Drunkard's Path template cut 4 for the center and 8 for the outside.

2.  Decide what print from the 1 yard sets that you want to be in the center and most of the outside (mine is Lark Ocean Treasure Box) and what print that you want to be only on the outside (mine is Lark Midnight Sparkle):  Cut 16 pieces for center and outside from the Bottom of Drunkard's Path and cut 8 pieces for the only outside print.

3.   Sew 4 of the outside and inside Bottom of Drunkard's Path pieces to the 4 inside Top Of Drunkard's Path.  ** For help on sewing curved seams (you can totally do it!) go to my Tailoring Thursday™ .
4.  Turn these pieces so that the corner of the inside piece is to the left and the outside piece is along the top and right.  Measure in and down from what is now the top right corner 1 1/2" and mark. 
5.  Line up a ruler from line to line at an angle and cut. 
6.  Place two of these pieces together, turn one inside corner up to the right and one up to the left, then line up the sides and the angles just cut so that there is a triangle along those angles.  Sew along that seam witha  1/4" seam allowance.  Repeat with remaining 2 pieces.
7.  Line up the long edge where the triangles and center will be, sew with a 1/4" seam allowance along ONLY one seam from edge to center.  Leave the other seam from center to edge UNSEWN.
8.  Now sew the 8 outside only prints of the Bottom of Drunkard's Path to the 8 outside only prints of the Top Of Drunkard's Path.
9.  Take 2 of the squares just sewn and turn the inside corner piece of one square up to the right and the other with the inside corner piece of one square up to the left. Keeping the inside corners like that, sew the outside edge seams together with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Repeat with 2 more sets of 2 squares.  So that you have 3 of these sets total.
10.  Take the remaining two squares from step 8 and keeping the inside piece with the corner to the left, sew the bottom of that piece to the edge to the top of one of the squares that is to the left of the open seam from step 7 with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Repeat keeping the other square with the inside corner to the top right and sew it to the top of the square that is to the right of the open seam.
11.  Sew one of the sets from step 9, keeping the inside corners pointing away from the center, to the edge of the center square that is opposite of the open seam edge with a 1/4" seam allowance. 
11.  Take another set from step 9, keep it so that the corners of the inside pieces are pointing up and out to the sides and the Top Of Drunkard's Path edges are on the bottom.  Take one of the outside and inside Bottom of Drunkard's Path pieces and with the corner down and lined up with the bottom corner of the left side of the pieces from step 9 and sew with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Repeat with another piece on the right side.

Repeat with another piece from step 9 and two more of the Bottom of Drunkard's Path pieces.
12.   Take two of the remaining Bottom of Drunkard's Path pieces and sew together along one of the edges with a 1/4" seam allowance creating a half circle.  Repeat 2 times, for a total of 3 half circles.
13.  Take the pieces from step 11, line up the center seam of the half circles and the top pieces and sew with a 1/4" seam allowance.
14.  Sew one piece from step 13 to the edge of the center piece that is perpendicular to the opening. 
15.  Sew the remaining piece from step 13 to the opposite side of step 14.
16.  Sew the remaining half circle to the only side without a half circle that is NOT the side with the opening in the skirt.
17.  Take the remaining Bottom of Drunkard's Path pieces and with a 1/4" seam allowance, sew one to each edge of the squares on the sides of opening so that you are creating a half circle that is split in the middle along the opening.
18.  Now you can quilt as desired and bind OR  back the pieced skirt with fusible fleece or batting. 
19.  Place the finished pieced top against the backing with right sides together, and sew along the center, one of the opening edges, all around the outside edge, and THEN sew along the other opening side partway leaving a 10" turning gap.
20.  Trim off excess backing.  Cut corners to remove bulk and clip seams near tight corners and along  rounded edges. 
21.  Turn right side out through opening.
22.  Poke out all corners and rounded edges.  Press. 
23.  Edge stitch around entire outside, opening edges and open center.  
Quilt as desired. 
I LOVE it!!!  
So happy I finally have a color coordinated skirt for my color coordinated tree -- yes, I am crazy. :) 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sewing for the Holidays

On top of writing patterns from a pile of sketches I have, writing tutorials, and getting ready for my nephew, I've also been sewing for Christmas!  In my spare time (the little bits I find in a day), I've been working on these:

My mom sent me a bunch of fabric yardage.  Who knows when they are from -- she bought them some time ago and was going to make them, but eventually the sets ended up in the bottom of some of her fabric containers.  

Each set of yardage has a different project on it.  Cut out the pattern printed on the fabric and then the instructions are also on the fabric.  This set is cute little red-nosed reindeer.  I also have a hanging Santa and a Snowman set.  

I am hoping to get each set done before Christmas....we shall see!

This is the first year I am really sewing stuff for my own Christmas!  Usually I am busy sewing presents, so this is pretty exciting over here!

Are you sewing anything for the holidays?

Happy Holiday Sewing!
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