Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Nothing like waiting until the LAST minute to put together my little man's Halloween costume!
I put together the shirt and pants by taking the sleeve, shirt and pants pattern pieces and piecing them together with blue and red knits. 
I drew and cut out the appliquè  on the front and back.
Then I hand stitched/embroidered all of the webbing on the red, which is a bit uneven because I was definitely rushing (only had 3 days to get it all done).  After trick or treating I actually wasn't sure what to do with myself because every spare moment I had prior to it was spent back stitching webs! :) 

Oh, and embroidering on knit is difficult!

Finally, I finished the bottom of the pants with spats!  Last year my husband explained that spats are shoe covers.  These spats worked out GREAT! And I think I will put together this weeks tutorial explaining how to make them. 
We had a great halloween! I hope you all did too!  If you made any decorations or costumes post some links I WANT to see!!! 


Heide said...

Wow, you are dedicated. I wouldn't have had the steam to finish that whole thing so quickly! Bravo!

Marci Girl said...

It looks fabulous! So worth all the hard work!

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