Friday, November 11, 2011

Hook and Loop Fastened Padded Camera Strap Cover

My sister is a photographer and I have made her some padded strap covers.  However the ones I have made all just slip over the strap.  So in order to put it on you have to unhook the strap and slide the cover on.

The problem is that my sister often does shoots with her husband and he finds my padding to be a bit to girly.  So my sister thought it would be easier if the strap cover could come on and off easier.  
That is why I designed this cover to use hook and loop cross the opening.  The cover can be put on and taken off the strap without having to unhook the strap.

          • 2,  7" x 22" Strips of Cotton Fabric
          • 2,  6" x 21" Strips of Fusible Fleece
          • 1 20 1/2" Strip of 1" wide Hook and Loop

1.  Fuse fleece to the center back of fabric pieces.

2.   Draw a line 1" down from the 22" edge of the fabric along one entire 22" edge of each fabric piece. 
3.  Line up the length wise edge of the hook with the line you just drew. The edge of the velcro should be in about 3/4" from the 7" edge.
4.  Sew the hook to the fabric.  Repeat step 2 - 4 with the other piece of fabric.
5.  Place the fabric pieces on top of one another, right sides together.  The hook and the loop should each be on the opposite side of one another. 
6.  Sew along the 22" edge with a 1/4" seam allowance. 
7.  Turn it right side out. 
8.  Fold the 8" ends in 1/2".  Press. 
9.  Edge stitch closed.  
10.  Now the padded strap cover is ready to be wrapped around the strap. 
11.  Place the strap at the edge of the padded cover. 
12.  Fold the edge near the strap and fold the strap and the edge of the padding over. 
13.  Fold the opposite edge over and meet the hook and loop together, enclosing the strap. 
And that's it!  You can dress it up with buttons, ribbons & bows -- Oh My! :) 

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