Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Re-Usable, Embroidered Paper Towels (Sewing Tutorial)

We used to go through a LOT of paper towels, many more than I would like to admit!
Even though we used the select a size (smaller paper towels), it still seemed like an awful waste. 

To make up for using too many paper towels, we switched to cloth diapers for spills, dusting, cleaning mirrors, and other cleaning uses.  But for everyday kitchen things like draining oil, wiping up a few drops of water from the counter, or other similar situations we were still using paper towels.
That's when it occurred to me that I could remake flat cloth diapers into paper towels!
With just a touch of added embroidery we have cute, re-usable paper towels. 


1.  Fold the diaper in half lengthwise and press.

2.   Cut along the fold line.
3.  Using a rotary cutter and mat, cut both layers into 4 sections, each 6" - 6 1/4" wide. 
4.   Sew a rolled hem or a double fold 1/2" hem on each raw edge. 
5.  Using a fabric safe marking tool, draw the words, pictures, or other design onto the sections. 
6.  Embroider as desired.  I used a split stitch.  
And tada!  A beautiful, washable, re-usable, eco-friendly paper towel!
The embroidery just adds a touch of beauty.  You could even monogram them with the first initial of your last name to give that modern Victorian-era feel!
It can be fun to be "green"!


Teresa said...

I find it amazing how the old becomes new again. I remember the day my Mom said she didn't know what she'd use for dust cloths anymore because she used up her last, worn out cloth diaper. As for me, ANY thing that reduces waste is a good thing!

Helen said...

I find this idea helpful in keeping the environment clean from additional trash. The embroidery can add styling so it won't look plain and boring.
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