Thursday, November 10, 2011

Specialty Seams: Bound Edges

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Bound Edge Seams

Another specialty seam used in garment sewing is where you bind the edges of the seam.  This great for fabrics that easily fray or may not have a clear edge, like lace.
1.  Draw your seam allowance line on the wrong side of one piece of fabric.  
2.  Take your binding pieces (I usually cut them out 1 1/2" x the length).
3.  Fold in half wrong sides together. Press.
4.  Open at the fold and fold in the raw edges to meet at the center fold. Press.
5.  Fold in half, enclosing the raw edges. Press.
6.  Place the binding around the seam of one piece of fabric.
7.  Edge stitch along the edge of the binding sewing both sides of the binding to the fabric edge at once.
8.  Repeat with all edges of the fabric that will become the seam allowance.
9.  Place fabric pieces right sides together.
10.  Sew on top of the line you drew in the first step.
Open the seams!  And, voila!  Some nice bound seam allowance edges. 

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