Sunday, January 8, 2012

Handmade/Etsy Christmas

This year I wanted all my gifts to be handmade or come from Etsy.
I know this is a bit after Christmas, but I had to wait until everyone got their gifts, before I could post them!  

Then, I forgot to take pictures before I wrapped them and if you read my crazy sending this package to my family story, then you know the last thing I was going to do was unwrap everything for pictures.  So I asked my sister to take the pictures for me!

First up was this amazingly beautiful sign for my sister:
Custome made by The Steel Fork.  Isn't that stunning?  When it arrived at my house I was even more in love with it than I imagined.  In person it is really, just breathtaking. 

Next up was this really sweet set of Russian Nesting dolls from Storied.  My mom saw some of these at a cousin's house the last time I visited.  She said how she loved them when she was a kid, so when I returned home I started searching for the perfect set.  And wow! This set is FABULOUS!
When you get down to the very last one it is soo, soo, soo tiny!  No, really, you think you've gotten down to the last one and there is still another.  It is a stunning set and the tiniest doll (only 1/4" in size) just grabs at that "cuteness spot" deep in your belly.  
Finally, I love to get stuff that my dad will "dork out" on.  It is a bit of a challenge topping previous years, but this year when I was looking on Etsy I found these vintage maps from the Old Timers Club
One is of the Western part of Pennsylvania and the other is the Eastern part.  Apparently, he kept going back and looking at them throughout the day.  Which is exactly what I was hoping to hear!  
Giving these gifts was so much fun!  I love picking out the perfect present for someone and getting to give unique handmade/vintage gifts is icing on the cake.

I hope you had a happy handmade holiday too!

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