Saturday, February 25, 2012

Previous February Posts

Unfortunately I don't have much to blog about lately.  This is not because I am not busy, but rather because I am SUPER busy but I have to wait to share any "real" news with the public!

Bear with me over the next few weeks while I tackle some big business plans and find my way out of the piles of papers and big decisions that lay ahead. 

In the meantime, I thought I would reminisce over some of the tutorials and tips from Februarys' past. 

Back in 2010 I posted my first blog tutorial!  It was for this hot pack, backed with minky, it is super great for all of your normal heating pad needs.  No really, I use mine on a weekly basis.  Sometimes just because the bed feels chilly at night, I will heat up the pack and throw it under the covers.  Then when I am ready to crawl in bed, my spot is all toasty warm!  

Little man has even requested his own, so I am down to just one extra around here:

Another favorite is this hand towel redo from February of last year.  This little towel is still going strong after tons of washing and looks great in the bathroom:

Another tutorial from last year were these pee-pee covers...for baby boys.  I actually have a stack of about 20 to send to my sister right now, who just had her first baby!  (Sorry Meg, I haven't sent them yet.  I will do it on Monday!!!)

I also started my Faster Piecing  series in February of last year:

If you haven't seen my tutorials and tips from years past just click on the links on the menu bar or click here:

Sewing Tips

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