Saturday, May 12, 2012


I haven't been around on here for a few weeks.  Yeah, you probably noticed.  About a month ago my life got turned upside down, then shook up and then thrown in gutter.  Or at least that's how it feels.

My mom was feeling sick for a good 2 months, when I recommended she come stay with us for a few weeks.  I would take her to my doctors and help her get through feeling so bad.  Five days after her arrival we got a call from my dad who got word from his doctor that he might have lung cancer.  So my mom left several weeks earlier than planned to go be with my dad while they waited for more appointments and a biopsy.  The day after my mom left my husband's puffy abdomen turned out to be a hernia which became suddenly painful.  He had to get surgery.

Some other stuff happened after this - scary, scary stuff.  Hubster, son and I are lucky to be alive.

And now here I am, three weeks later and still holding it together (I think).

My mom had oral surgery last week and 4 days later my dad had major surgery.  They removed a large tumor from his chest and he will be in the hospital a few more days.  Pathology reports should come back soon to see what happens next.  He will be unable to work or do anything but rest and recover for 2 months.  In the meantime hubster still needs help while recovering and will need help for at least another month.

I am officially in the midst of cancelling my itinerary for quilt market and feeling sad.  There is no way I can handle traveling right now, but I'm still bummed.  Really bummed.

So here I am, not sure what to say.  Not sure what to add.  Not sure of anything right now.  I do know that some good news and a bit of boredom would be great.


Momma B Rinehart said...

You left out the part about Ocean's rescue - er! I feel so left out!! LOL - I am still unemployed and available for hire! REALLY!!! I miss that little guy (OK, his parents too) Could you go to the quilt thing if I came up and stayed with them? ALL school functions are over, so there is nothing holding me here, and I would ENJOY myself!! PLEASE seriously consider it!

If nothing else, take a few minutes to read MY blog! You just might smile if not laugh if you're not careful! Read it while you are soaking in a hot tub - just don't drop your iPad in the tub - hey you should make water proof covers!!

How's my purse coming? I'm sure Ellen is going to be calling me to be on the show, and I want to have my NEW PURSE on my arm! I'm even going to take it on the set with me, so your orders will skyrocket!!

Tell Ocean that yesterday I swam with dolphins!! I'm waiting for a friend to send me the video - I was in the water with 6 - 10 of them!!! Have him give me a call tomorrow for Mother's Day - I miss him!

Hugs - n- kisses!!

SuzyMcQ said...

Thinking of you and yours and sending prayers and well-wishes. Don't forget to take care of yourself and don't worry about us. We'll be here when you return and hopefully, things are better and brighter!

Lindsay said...

I'm so sorry things have been so bad for you lately. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers in hopes that things will get better soon. Hang in there!

SarahB said...

Aubrey, I am so sorry things have been so hard the last few weeks! So thankful you, your son & husband are ok, and hope your parents' health improves too.

Lindsay Conner said...

Thinking of you--what a hard week! Hoping that you do find some good news or just some boredom and time to rest and recover.

Dave and Brianna said...

Just came across your blog, hoping life turns better quickly for you!

Momma B Rinehart said...

Come on girlfriend!! I need updates here!! What's going on? How is everyone???? I have a boyfriend now - hee hee!! So in love it's not even funny!! UPDATE ME (US)!!!!

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