Thursday, July 5, 2012

Printing Patterns

Getting my patterns printed has been the plan since the spring of 2009 when I wrote my first official pattern: Teardrop Hearts

I would include a picture of the pattern but I am still in Pennsylvania and without my computer. You can see the pattern if you click on the shop tab above and scroll down.

I spent 2011 writing one tutorial and one sewing tip every week and posting them here! I also wrote one new pattern per month. I ended 2011 successfully with 52 new sewing tutorials and tips! Plus, I wrote 12 new patterns!

If I met all of my 2011 goals, the plan was for me to get all of my patterns printed and into stores. Achieving my dreams of seeing my patterns being sold worldwide.

Since the start of this year I have been contacting people and planning for my patterns going to print. Only this year has been truly daunting. If you aren't sure of all that's gone on, take a look at these two posts for a bit of an update:

With everything that happened, the time for my patterns to get printed was set back.  We also used up all of the money we had saved towards getting them printed.

There is no way for me to move forward now, not without help. So, I launched a fundraising page on Indiegogo. I am officially asking for help. If you can help, any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated! If not, then please just share my page. Spreading the word by sharing the page and my story can help too!

Every little bit adds up and there is no way I can do this alone!

You can see my page at: Http://

Thank you for any help you can give whether it be financially or by spreading the word, I am truly full of gratitude for anything you can do.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tag! You're It!

Remember playing tag as kids?  Desperately trying not to be it, running and running?  Remember when you were it?  Then you were desperately trying to catch someone else, tag them and not be it anymore?

When my son was an infant there were nights where my husband and I played tag.  You know, I can't take anymore of the screaming baby, you're in! Or It, rather. Kind of funny and oh, so, true.

Lately, my family has been "it" in the game of life. I sure hope we can stop being "it" and relax soon. They say, "when it rains it pours" and life here has been a hurricane, category 4....heck maybe even a 5 lately.

You may remember my post last month on all of the craziness: Life.

Well life has gotten even crazier. My dad's biopsy came back positive for cancer and the type was not so great either. Mediastinal, high-grade, large b-cell lymphoma. As of right now, they have staged it at I or II.  But this type of cancer is aggressive and fast.  After recovering from surgery, my dad looked at all of his options and my parents decided to apply to the Burzynski clinic.

The clinic accepted my dad and about 6 weeks after major, major surgery my dad and mom drove from Pennsylvania to Texas.   Then my son and I flew from Florida to Texas to help my parents while they were at the clinic.  Being away from home for medical treatment is difficult and you can use all of the help you can get!

Unfortunately, the only treatment the clinic could offer my dad was the treatment he could get at home: Chemo and gene targeted therapy.  The alternative treatment they offer is only for patients with brain cancer or brain tumors.  Everyone at the clinic was nice and helpful. However, since my dad couldn't get the treatment he had come for we packed up and left 2 weeks early.

My son and I had planned to travel back to Pennsylvania with my parents by car.   This way we could visit with family before returning to Florida.  My son is four and this was going to be his longest car trip ever!  He did fantastic by the way.

On our second day on the road I fell asleep in the car early in the morning.  When I woke up I felt really wrong. I don't know how else to describe it.   It just felt like my whole body was going numb or like I was having a major allergic reaction and didn't think I was going to survive.  So I told my mom to call 911.

An ambulance met us on the highway in Mississippi and they drove me to the hospital...very, very fast. I was injected with something in the ambulance that I did have an allergic reaction to as well.   I spent most of my time in the ER pretty much incoherent.   I was given lots of tests and really the day is a blur with lots of missing pieces for me.  My mom was with me, thank goodness because I have no idea what really went on.

After the tests, they found that I had a very bad case of pnemonia in both of my lungs.  They admitted me into the ICU immediately.  I spent two days in there and by the grace of God the bacteria inside Of my lungs responded to the many IV antibiotics they put me on.  Once I was more coherent and responding to the treatment they told me how bad the pnemonia was.  The doctors said my recovery was a miracle.  They were ver happy to see me discharged from the ICU looking so much better. It has been almost two weeks now and I am still a bit tired but happy to be alive!   I need to get a check-up with a doctor and have my lungs x-rayed soon to get a clean (hopefully) bill of health.

While I was in the hospital in Mississippi, which was 10 hours from Texas and another 20 hours from my parents house in Aunt and Uncle drove all night from PA to MS and picked up my little guy and my dad.   The they drove to PA.   My mom stayed in MS while I was n the hospital. My sister and brother in law room care of my little guy in PA.  It is the longest and farthest I have ever been from him. Luckily he did great.  Once I was released from the hospital my mom and I drove 20 hours from MS to PA. Longest ride ever.

The long ride may have been influenced by the fact that one of the medications I was sent home from the hospital with gave me an allergic reaction and it took all I had in me not to pass out in the car for the last hour of the trip.  Yeah, that sucked.

My birthday was the day after we arrived in PA and unfortunately I did not feel much like celebrating.  I would like a do over.

Now that we have been at my parents in PA, have been helping my dad see a doctor near here and start an alternative treatment. I have also been helping to cook some meals for his new diet which included me shooting beet shreds on the ceiling. Using a grind and press juicer is a learning experience.

All in all we are surviving. So that's pretty good. We all just want my dad to beat this!

For the time being I am living with my parents, helping out and looking for a house here.  Yep.   We are moving to Pennsylvania from Florida.  I am pretty happy about it.  I have wanted to move back to the mountains for awhile and now more than ever.  Hubster agreed (even though he despises the cold) and so while I am here I am also looking for a place to live as close to my family as possible.

Life keeps on going despite all that has happened.  Even if it feels like a roller coaster lately, I am grateful that we are all here and pushing through.   Although, I have been told I should stop traveling. Apparently I have a poor track record and the pnemonia pushed it over the top.

I will be back soon with more news!  Hope all you Americans had a great Independence day! And that everyone else had a great day too!
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